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Xerlife is a Health and Wellbeing web app designed to help you eat better, exercise more and record and monitor a range of your health stats.

It’s very easy to use, inexpensive and based on NHS guidelines and proven principles. Feel free to have a look around at the food plan, exercise videos, dashboard and other features which we hope will encourage you to try Xerlife!

Only £1.99 a month or £20 a year! 

Individual Membership

If you are looking to alter your lifestyle, improve your diet and increase your weekly exercise then we are here to help. Only £1.99 a month or £20 a year!

  • Incredibly simple to set up and get started with the minimum of information
  • a real time performance dashboard displaying a range of vital stats in a simple to understand format allowing you to evaluate your current and historic measurements, weight, fitness and mood – click here for more details
  • a constantly updated rolling food programme of recipes, methods and shopping lists allowing you to follow our 7 day food plans or simply use our recipes to help you eat more healthy way
  • vegetarian and pescatarian dishes, no dairy and no wheat options and all using food in a near natural state rather than having been processed
  • a series of no kit exercise videos designed to maintain or reduce weight and improve body shape and tone, also allows you to record any additional exercise with the minimum of fuss
  • guidance on alcohol intake and acceptable snacking
  • link with a friend to view each others dashboards – offer help and support
  • a mood indicator to allow you to monitor your state of mind over a period of time

Here are two samples of our fitness videos all of which you can access when you sign up.

With nearly 50 videos ranging from simple stretches to full body work outs, sign up today!

Features of Xerlife

Interactive Dashboard to Record Your Activity

Calculates and records your health and wellbeing stats


Adds additional exercise stats, not just Xerlife videos, to your Dashboard. Record your food intake and view all your stats both as a snap shot and historically

Extensive food plans and shopping lists

Full vegetarian, pescatarian and omnivore food plans and shopping lists

Chart your mood

Mood calculator helps you record your state of mind over a period of time


Expertly guided exercise videos for all ages, sexes and abilities - system knows your level and guides you accordingly

Share with partners and Personal Trainer

Share your dashboard with your partner or healthcare professional to get support and advice