Xerlife understands that for many alcohol is part of their lifestyle. We don’t suggest stopping but we do suggest thinking! The weekly unit guidelines are now the same for men and women – 14 units.

This looks like:

six pints of 4% beer or,

six 175ml glasses of 13% wine.

Those six pints equate to 1092 calories and those six glasses of wine equal 954 calories. So if weight loss is your goal this really adds up by the end of a month.

If you are drinking try to spread it across the week, do not load up over one or two days. Very often the food choices we make when under the influence of alcohol are bad. Secondly, our bodies are placed under more harm when consuming many units in one sitting. From both a health and weight loss point of view, do look at reducing your intake, spreading it across the week and changing what your drink.

The thought behind changing what you drink is to make you think about what you are drinking and potentially reduce calories. A gin and slimline tonic for example is low on calories and made as a long drink can take longer to consume. Xerlife also realises there are occasions when some of us do consume a lot of alcohol (birthdays, weddings, etc). If this is the case, try to:

  1. be very good with your food
  2. drink water as well
  3. get straight back on the healthy eating when you wake up the next morning.