Individual Membership includes all these benefits:

  • a real time performance dashboard displaying a range of stats in a simple to understand format allowing you to evaluate your weight, fitness and mood
  • a constantly updated rolling food programme with recipes, methods and shopping lists allowing you to follow our simple food plan
  • vegetarian and pescatarian dishes, no diary and no wheat options and all using food in a near natural state rather than having been processed
  • a series of no kit exercise videos designed to maintain or reduce weight and improve body shape and tone
  • a mood evaluator so you can track your state of mind over a period of time

  • If you are lucky enough to have a personal trainer and they have a Professional Account you can link with them. This makes your dashboard viewable to them to help them make your gym time more productive.
  • Guidance on alcohol intake and acceptable snacking
  • Buddy up with a friend or partner so you can view each other dashboard to offer help and support

"Remember if you eat what you've always eaten you'll weigh what you've always weighed"



  • You will receive a fully functioning Xerlife account when you sign up on a monthly or yearly subscription. Xerlife costs £1.99 a month or £20 a year (giving two months free compared with the monthly cost!). There is no contract, you can cancel anytime and your membership will stop at the end of the month or year in which you cancel. We will keep your account live for you so if you re-join all your data will be available to you.
  • N.B. When you join you can only sign up as an individual, then from within your account page you can create the "Couple Account" and you can then see each others dashboards and share shopping lists if required. To create a "Couple Account" both of the couple must already have accounts and you must use the email address that is recorded on their accounts when you invite them via your Xerlife account page.
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